Jul 5, 2013



I know I know we are already in the middle of 2013 and I am still sharing this kind of new year's layout with the highlights of 2012... But hey! this is not Project Life sooo I don't mind being a little behind. I am just working with some happy memories :)

I wanted to make a sum up layout based on the seasons of last year. As you may already know my boyfriend and I study in two different colleges separated by thousand miles away so we usually see each other during vacation or breaks. And there is only one each season. 
And for that I chose the following quote: Seasons may change but I'll love you the same... 

I divided the page in four parts each for one season. Then I worked with it as 4 different 6x6 pages, each focused in one season.

Winter: For me it is very easy to work with Christmas projects as each year I make a lot of  Greetings cards and I already have an idea of the color schemes and patterns that I love. As embellishments I love to add snowflakes or pompons (which can act as snow) and wood veneers. And I normally prefer to play with wood colors, soft blues and red than dark greens. You can get a more dreamy image with these colors. 

What I like of this season: I love those warm days at home under the blanket and the big celebrations with the family and friends.

Spring: Flowers everywhere!! It is the blossom season, and the time to celebrate everything with a picnic :D right? The color palette is clear for me: soft, pastels and a lot of nature colors.

What I like of this season:  I love how the days are getting warmer and longer. And nothing can be better than bike rides and PICNICS!!

Summer:  A lot of beach colors...mostly blues and yellows. Bright and vibrant colors. 

What I like of this season: I love to go to the beach, get sun-kissed, swim in the ocean and to eat lots of ice creams and sweets! It is when I have the longest vacation as well, the perfect moment to travel somewhere fun and the time to exploit the sun ;)

Fall:  I chose to play with a Halloween photo and palette because it is the day of the season that I enjoy the most.  Definitely orange, black and earth colors.

What I like of this season: Halloween!! In Spain we don't celebrate this day so when I have the chance to visit my boyfriend those days in Texas, I have fun playing with costumes and going to different parties and to Trick or Treat.



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