Sep 25, 2013


I always feel like I post in a rush! But those are my days right now, always moving, running, and counting the minutes...but there is so many things I want to do during the day...

Today's layout is focused on the outtakes. You know, when you find a perfect moment or place to take photos you just kind of take a few and later you decide which is THE photo to document that moment. But lately, I found that a lot of photos that I classified as outtakes, are indeed some of my favorite ones. Sometimes they are funnier but most of the time, they tell the whole story, they were also part of that moment.

A few months ago I posted this project (find it here) with the photo I chose to document a single moment in, from Fall 2011. After doing so, I looked through the gallery and found that I love this outtake from that day. And I didn't want to miss it, just because it was out of focus. I also love the fact that my boyfriend's head occupies most of the picture hehe.

So to go with the main theme of the page (outtakes) I gathered some little accents, thickers, embellishments, stickers and a whole bunch of little things that I had left over from other packages. The whole project is a bit like a normal Sunday, when you don't actually cook anything new, and just eat all the leftovers of the week.

I love the little detail of the embroidery with the twine. It looks so pretty! I used some Amy Tangerine's sketch for the heart and for the letters I simply drew them dawn to be my guide.

Around the photo you can also see some watercoloring. I try to use only mint, pink, gold/wood and white colors for my page. I think it looks really like a Valentine's page due to the color combo.


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