Oct 1, 2013

Are u you lookin' at me?

And welcome back for another scrapbooking project. Oh man... I love this hobby! I love the creativity it involves, taking pretty pictures (a fact which I have always enjoyed) and just having fun creating memories. When I was a kid my dad used to take a lot of photos of our family when we traveled. It was always so exciting but then when we arrived back home, and he printed out the photos, most of the times they were forgotten in a drawer. A lot of them without dates, most of them all mixed up. So all this made it difficult for me and my sister to look through them years later. And I think that scrapbooking my travels or just some everyday moments in a chronological way is my way to not repeat the same mistakes. 

Ok. Now todays' page. :)

I started building my page with a Kraft cardstock. And I mixed it with some white and mint-pinkish floral pattern paper from the 5th and Frolic Dear Lizzy collection from last fall. This collection is too cute and it coordinates really well with her new collection Polkadot Party from this fall. So it is a good way to not focus on only one collection, but to mix and match several with the same feeling.

Have you spotted that gorgeous vellum and gold camera? It was the perfect match for the photo. The picture was taken a few weeks ago. And why my funny face? Well, my boyfriend took so many photo of  me that day that I started laughing and asking him: Why r u taking so many photos of me? 

To match the gold camera I used some gold thickers, that way the gold would not be all focused on one spot. I love how the colors flow through this page. In fact I normally try to use a color in different ways or spots to combine everything and have it all well balanced on my pages.

I love how the Thataway thickers resemble the black ink that I normally use for stamping. They look very well together! Wouldn't you agree?

And again, I love this hobby! This is for you future Olatz! Don't you ever forget about your story ;)


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