Dec 5, 2013

Unless (Day 4 of ArtClass2 inspired pages)


Today I bring you page 4th of this fantastic week where I am sharing 5 pages in 5 days. I hope everyone is having a great week and that all of you are enjoying this month as much as I am doing. I can not believe that December is already here. Next weeks I will be so busy with all the Christmas preparations, last minute shopping sprees, work travel to Braunchsweig (Germany) and a lot of new experiments in the lab. Therefore  I decided to make this just in case I do not have enough time for my crafts this month.  

As you may already have noticed my projects are always very colored with a lot of details and fun elements. They are totally me! So I tried this technique form ArtClass 2 Chapter 12 where I can add a lot of color to the background. I looooove ombre backgrounds.

I decided to go with a yellow- orange one as it reminds me of a beautiful sunset. I painted the stripes with acrylic paint and after that I cut them in stripes. So beautiful! 

Once the paint was dry, I ripped it to stripes and put the pieces in place on some white cardstock. To finish the page I clustered some embellishments to the right of my photo and a title. Do you remember the Lorax? I hope so otherwise the tittle would not make much sense to you ;) 

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to come tomorrow for the last post of the week.



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