Jun 25, 2013

Eat, drink and be happy!

Hello y'all!

Today I am here to show you one of my other passions: food! Ok. I will explain this. Although my family and friends says I eat like a bird (tiny amounts of food but more times a day than they usually do) I looooove to discover places by their local food. And I love sweeeeeeets, mostly cupcakes but shhhhh do not tell anyone. ;)

So for this page a chose a photo of me and my boyfriend eating some good BBQ at a local place in Austin, TX this past year. And I decided to make the background as a table with some food splatters and a typical striped napkin.  

The quote is simple: eat, drink and be happy and that is what I do! Definitely I am not one of those girls who is always worried about their weight. I enjoy cooking and eating and discovering new good places to go with my friends and have a quick lunch or a fun dinner.

Then, I added some cute embellishments like the bottle cup and the banners. I specially love the Amy Tangerine camera stamp, perfect to document a moment and to give more importance to the photo. I also love the Amy Tangerine Kraft paper on the back of the photo.

Finally, I write down some journaling of the place and food (mmmmmmhhh delicious) and I added that cute Officially Documented stamp from BananaFishStudio. Awesome!



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