Jun 20, 2013

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Hello there,

How has your summer been? Too much tan already? I am having great days on vacation... Oh, God! It feels so good when you just don't have to wake up so early to go to work...
So, I am trying to get full advantage of these days. And as I have more free time for myself as well I am here today to share this page that I made a few weeks ago. No scrapbooking today, just making more happy memories to scrap later ;)

This page is about the ride bikes that I love to take once in a while, with my fiends, boyfriend or even by myself (but I prefer to go with someone so I can chat). I was looking for using a combination of mint and yellow  and  outdoor theme so I thought that the Dear Lizzy Lucky Charm paper with those cute clouds and the air ballon will go pretty well with this. 

Then I just grabbed some other papers from the same collection and play with the sketch that I had in mind. Sometimes when you are a bit in a rush to do a project is easier if you just go with the same collection for the whole page.  I like how the black color give the page a little bit of drama. And the little journaling and the stamped phrases combined pretty well with the ones on top ( next to the clouds).

Anyway, I played around with some stamped triangles and hand-cut circles.  To stamp the triangles I used a potate....what? Yes! a potate. I use to do this a lot when I was a kid. If you haven't try this yet, it is really fun! I just like the way it looks. If you have kids around try it with them and with different shapes, they will love it too!

Then I added some little cute wood bikes. Love them!! I don't know if you can appreciate the different size of the bikes. I just wanted to emphasize how funny must be to see me on a boy's bike...they are always too tall for me!!

For today this is enough scrapbooking, let's make some gooooood memories to scrap on the rainy days!



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