Jun 18, 2013

Welcome to the world

Dear Irati,

I am so happy that you are here at last! We are all so happy to meet you! 

This is my niece Irati, she is a beautiful baby who arrived on the 26th of May. We were all so excited because she is the first baby in the family (close family) since we were all kids. So happy for my sister, she is so cute!!

This pink ómbre paper it is just the perfect paper for a baby page. It is again from the Dear Lizzy's Lucky Charm collection. You can find in it different patterns for boy and girl. Love it! This one is soft and girly and it combines so well with white. This color combination is the one chosen also for Irati's new room so I think it will go well with it.

To make this floral white pattern I used one of the Dear Lizzy's Lucky Charm die-cut as a mask. Then I painted it with acrylic paint and let it dry. If you try this be sure to keep the cardstock well attached to your page, otherwise you will get the design all mixed up.

 After that, I start adding the layers and I hand cut some leaves to give it some texture. I tried to make them similar with the ones of the floral background. Beautiful!!

To add a bit of journaling I write down the name, date, weight... of the day she was born. At first, I made a pocket to add a secret tag but in the end I make a little window to see through the pocket so it is possible to read it without pulling in out. Then I use some thickers to write her name and finally I stamped the date when those photo were taken. 

Now I have realized that I can't barely finish a page without using some date or rolling stamp. IT is just the perfect detail. Do you use this a lot too?

Welcome to the world Irati! Your auntie who loves you!!



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