Nov 26, 2013

Hopdaddy (#throwback thursday)

Hi y'all!!

Today I bring you another Fall layout as I am totally in love with this season. I made this page a while ago, although, I don't remember exactly when. But I know for sure it was one of the first layouts that I've ever made. So please be kind :) (as you may have already noticed, I also photographed it some while ago with, maybe not the best camera, or lighting conditions... but hey! I was still learning about all these techniques…) To be honest, I just wanted to share this one with you because it is one great moment in my life. The discovery of Hopdoddy’s made me smile from ear to ear. It was a bit funny when I looked through all my albums and I found this layout, which I had completely overlooked before. I love throwback thursday!! 

I know that a lot of you have enjoyed the first snow of the season, but here on the North Coast of Spain we are just barely starting to feel the cold and the rain. So to keep it a little bit cozy, I normally try to wear multiple layers and that is what you will find in this page too.

I remember that I really had a lot of fun using different materials such as paper, canvas, ribbon, fabric and thread on this page. I was lucky enough to find a malleable thread for this project. Isn't that heart the cutest thing ever?

I also used some Amy Tangerine's cutest leaves to add a bit of interesting texture. I loved them so much that I hoarded some of them until this Fall season where I ended up up using them (you can find here where I used them). 

I love adding memorabilia to my pages because, again, when I look through them in the future I will still remember all the good moments that made me decide to spend some time to create this memory.



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