Nov 27, 2013

A limitless love story


Today I wanted to share with you a different project that I made a couple of weeks ago. Well different but at the same time the same, because I made it with the same aim: document our happy moments together. Some of you may have already seen it on Instagram as I couldn't wait to share it. I was so pleased with the result!

I made a digital photo book with Artifact Uprising. I looked around at a few different options and I fell in love with Artifact Uprising when I saw Stephanie Brian's book, for a Week in the Life project (find it here). I chose the 5x5 inch softcover book and I went with a very simple approach. I tried to make it as a kind of story-book so I sorted my photos chronologically and on each page, and I wrote what the story was about on that page. 

I also love the fact that you can place the photos on each page in many different ways. This way the page doesn't become plain or crammed with photos. I also found the size of the book very convenient as a gift. I actually made it for my boyfriend to keep it always with him, due to the fact that he travels a lot. I know that sometimes it is complicated to take on scrapbooking memories on a trip as they may fall apart...

Next, are a few detailed photos of some of the pages

Just a tip if you ever decide to make one of these... Keep it simple! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!! 


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