Dec 3, 2013

Unwritten (Day 2 of ArtClas2 inspired pages)


Welcome to the second day of ArtClass2 inspired pages. First of all I am sorry for the dark lighted photos. It is hard to take photos now a days because it is dark outside when I have to leave to work, and it is still dark outside and I get back home from work. Seriously, I feel like a vampire sometimes.

Anyways, today I want to share this awesome technique of applying gesso on top of chipboard elements to make a dimensional background. This one is specially inspired by Chapter 12 of the ArtClass2, although instead of using frames I used some alphabet letters to go with the theme of the page. 

Unwritten. Because sometimes it's good to remember that it is you who writes your own story, and that you can do anything you have ever dreamed about.

Once that was dry I added some embellishments and my photo. Lately, I've been loving making monochromatic pages as for me, with practice, I've been getting faster. You just have to take embellishments of the same color palette and that's it! Easy peassy! 

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to come again tomorrow for another project.




  1. this is gorgeous! thank you for linking up at Paper Issues! the GREEEEEEN. it's absolutely stunning, and your little winged deer is just TOO PERFECT!

    1. OOOOh Thanks!! So happy to see that you liked the handmade background with thickers. xoxox

  2. All of the random letters is such a fun look!

    1. And it was also very fun to crete it ;)