Nov 8, 2013

Thoughts at sunset

Good morning crafters!!

Today I bring you the most uniquely/lovely fun and creative page that I have made of late. And why you ask? Because I finally dare to play with watercolors as the main element of the page! Yaaaaaay!! I am so so so very happy with the result. For a long time I was kind of dubitative as to whether I should try it. Because at first, the technique can seem to be a bit difficult to master, as you really want to achieve the right splashes as Anna Maria Wolniak does, or the ones I saw at the Toolbox class from Studio Calico. But once you start you totally forget about perfection and you just have fun mixing colors and water. The bending of the page doesn’t bother me at all. But if that is something you won’t like you can try adding a layer of gesso at first.

I chose an easy color combo: yellow-orange and pink (and different shades of them) and tried to blend the colors just a bit with the chevron background paper from the newest Carta Bella collection. I think it's gorgeous, that is a really good effect!

After that I completed the page with different embellishments but all of them from the same color combo. Next to the photo I placed a little banner to frame the tittle. And above (where the watercolor fun is) I played with some rub-ons and dimensional stickers. I like the effect of the watercolors plus the rub-ons because it helps you create your one background design.

Thanks for watching!


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